Say What?

We’re learning how to work web pages so this post may have become hidden from view.  Here it is again.

Several people have approached me recently and asked what Quiet Refuge is “about.”  When answering, I’m struck with similar questions, “What is the meaning of life,” and “What is the nature of the universe?”  The answer in my mind tends to be, “It depends.”  It depends on your perspective, goals, point of view, intentions, prejudices, preconceived notions, dreams, ideals, wishes…  In other words, it is what it is and can be what you wish it to be.

I do know this, our property is screaming for love and attention.  As we peel back layers of “what is” to discover “what was” we are challenged to combine the two with “what will be.”  In this property we see something that is eager to emerge and show itself.  The property is an old soul that is begging to have new life breathed into it.  We are fortunate to have the energy of over 130 years of countless lives behind us.  In order to move forward, we will need the energies of as many to make the property sing.

A few key terms/concepts seem to resonate (a few may overlap or be omitted):

SPACE: We have room for meetings, clubs, events, occasions, classes, lectures, gardening

DESTINATION:  We think that given time, guests would be delighted to allow us to host weddings, receptions, garden parties, photo shoots, and a myriad of other events we haven’t begun to think of.  EVERY visitor sees something different in the property’s potential.

Something that resonates again and again is the concept of Zero-Living.  Today so much has been pre- cut, cooked, built, designed, sewn, orchestrated, etc.,… that we have lost what it takes to not only survive but thrive with what little we have, are given, and what we are capable of producing ourselves.  We see QRxR as a place to reconnect with the way our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents lived; simply.

We hope that while visiting QRxR you will find an enclave where you can shut out if not everything, much of that outside “noise” that dominates our 21st century lives and for a brief respite have the opportunity to reconnect with the serenity and simplicity of pure existence.rc