A bit of history…

Quiet Refuge at the Crossroads is also known as the Thomas R. Layfield Farmhouse and Parker Farm.  Quiet Refuge xR was built between 1880 and 1882 originally consisting of 104 acres of which only 1.60 remain as part of the property.  Also found on the property is a 19th century barn.  The essential Victorian features remain intact including a cross-gabled, turned post front porch with decorative sawn work.  The shallow cross gable is finished with a stylized sunburst pattern of carved woodwork.  The facade is topped off with a gothic style four-pane double-hung window on the third floor.  Upon entering the foyer, visitors are  greeted with the original Victorian staircase with turned newel post, turned balusters, closed stringer, and a molded handrail.   The foyer also boasts original doors that retain their original abstract patterned oak that open to the parlor, dining room, kitchen and a small closet under the staircase.  Victorian panels define spaces immediately beneath most window sills.  Original hardwood floors can be found in the front rooms and foyer.

Purchased in the spring of 2014 our first goal was clearing the interior and exterior debris.  Much effort was placed on removing vines that covered the house, barn, and small summer kitchen.  New, 21st century septic tanks and drain fields replaced the former open cesspit.  Interior work began in the small downstairs non-functional 1/2 bath/pump room transforming into a full bath and utility closet.  Remodeled over the years, the only remaining original feature of the kitchen is part of the wainscoting running the perimeter of the room.  Considering the lack of historic authenticity and the need to have kitchen facilities that are safe and functional; great debate, consideration and consultation preceded gutting of the non-historical features of the kitchen.  Visitors to the kitchen will find a new, handcrafted, Shaws apron farmhouse sink as well as new cabinets, floors, fixtures, top-line appliances and faux copper ceiling and backsplash.  Visitors to the kitchen will also find a small staircase that leads to a sitting/bedroom above.

Please check in often for updates on our progress.  Our hope is to carve out a quiet refuge that will serve as an enclave for friends and family.rc


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